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The perfect combination of theory & practice

Whether it's an integrated degree course, dissertation place, or mandatory work experience – SCHWEIZER offers students the possibility of directly applying their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and allows them to take responsibility for their own projects. In addition, students are actively integrated into their department. This means that as well as acquiring important know-how, you'll gather valuable professional experience.

To start with, we work with you to agree on your individual goals. At regular meetings with your contact or mentor, you'll exchange ideas, talk about how to proceed, and receive help in the form of advice and practical support. When your time with us is over, you'll receive detailed feedback on your placement.

Integrated degrees

An apprenticeship or a degree? It's a question that many school leavers ask themselves. SCHWEIZER offers integrated degrees that combine vocational training with a university degree. This allows you to optimally combine theory and practice over the course of six semesters.

Integrated degrees:

Major in Business Administration and Industry (BA)

Major in Business Informatics and Business Engineering (BSc)



SCHWEIZER provides you with the opportunity to pursue a specific practical project in an academic framework. We're keen to hear suggestions as to the topic. Once we've agreed upon the topic with you and your university, it's time to get started! You'll be working on an exciting project where you'll gather valuable practical experience at the same time as acquiring knowledge.

Thinking about an industrial PhD thesis? Please feel free to contact us, and we'll see how we might be able to help.


In both business and technical areas, SCHWEIZER can offer you exciting opportunities for applying your theoretical knowledge in practice and acquiring more know-how. You'll be actively integrated into the company and given the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of processes – ideal conditions for starting your career.

What we need from you:

If you have good to really good school results, like working in a team, and are motivated, we look forward to receiving your application. To take part in the work experience scheme for university students at our company, you must be enrolled at a university.

Working students

Would you like to gather some practical experience alongside your degree course?

To our job vacancies


Application process

A 5-step application process

Do you want to apply for a student position at SCHWEIZER? Here's a short and concise explanation of how it works:

  1. Found the perfect degree course or decided to apply on your own initiative? Then it's time to digitally prepare your application documents: A cover letter/personal statement, CV, and references (in .pdf or .docx format, max. file size 6 MB).
  2. Send your application documents to
  3. You'll receive confirmation of receipt.
  4. We'll then take time to look at your application.
  5. And finally, we'll let you know!


Contact info & application

Our HR department will be happy to help with questions relating to applications and job vacancies.

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电话: +49 7422 512-504


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