The PCB as a solution space

From simple 2-layer circuits to complex high-current, logic, or radar lay-ups: SCHWEIZER offers an extensive range of technologies and solutions that meet the highest requirements. Thanks to our established standard processes, we are able to react to your inquiries and implement your requirements quickly and flexibly. For complex problems, our teams of experts are available to provide you with competent advice and develop specific solutions with you in customer projects: From the initial idea to high-volume production. For every technical requirement and with top cost-effectiveness.

PCB techno­logies

It's best to rely on Schweizer technology

Whether it's simple multilayer or complex HDI PCBs, Inlay Boards, heavy copper designs for power electronics, hybrid and fine structure lay-ups of radar applications, or embedding solutions with integrated power semiconductors: SCHWEIZER can provide custom developments to solve your problem and meet your specific requirements.


Overview of all PCB technologies

Innovation centre

Actively shaping the future

The pillars of our global success are extensive research and development. At our innovation centre at our headquarters in Schramberg, we develop PCB technologies that derive top system solutions for problems from mega-trends. We also work together with leading research institutes, universities, and industrial partners.


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Service & consulting

We're always there for you!

Our team of experts with years of experience is always available to provide you with advice and help: From advice on stack up construction and the layout of your PCB and embedding solutions, professional project work, heat management simulations, and high frequency calculations to diverse laboratory services – you can rely on our extensive spectrum of services.


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SCHWEIZER PCB technologies are developed and manufactured for specific applications in accordance with your requirements. They allow us to cover a vast application spectrum for practically any need with our custom solutions.