The future of the PCB

The future of the PCB is researched and tested at the SCHWEIZER innovation centre. Here, we develop platforms for future customer requirements and make new technologies available for new products.

New customer requirements and our product ideas are taken into account equally during technology development. We listen carefully to our customers and work with you to determine your future needs. At the same time, we draw the right conclusions from current mega-trends in order to anticipate future solutions ahead of time.

Focal points

Focus on embedding of power electronics

At present, one of our development focuses is on embedded power electronics in PCBs, so p² Pack embedding. As preparations for mass production get under way for 48 V applications in the automotive sector, we're already working on the next product generation: Embedded "wide band gap" semiconductors for voltages from 400-1,200 V.

The embedding of power electronics allows power densities to be increased and switching losses to be minimised. As a result, ever smaller and more efficient power transformers can be built. The higher efficiency of traction converters means that the electrical range of battery-operated and hybrid vehicles can be increased and cooling effort can be decreased.

If power switches are embedded along with capacitors, power densities can be further improved, which leads to better reliability, too. A further option – the integration of shunts – enables the shifting of current measurement to the inside of the PCB.


High-voltage Pack

48 V technology in the automotive sector is one of the largest growth areas. 48 V technology provides a really compact and highly efficient way of supporting the powertrain of mild hybrid vehicles. For use in hybrid or electric vehicles, the operating voltage for the power electronics needs to be further increased.


Research and development activities

At present, the next platform generation is in preparation. The high-voltage p² Pack will support voltages of up to 1,200 V. The used semiconductors are wide band gap semiconductors, which allow the efficiency of converters to be increased even further.

Funding projects

A European consortium is researching the reliability of future electronic systems with more than 70 companies. SCHWEIZER's backing embedding solutions which, through the integration of the semiconductors into the PCB, reduce the number of required interfaces and avoid a dedicated semiconductor packaging of the critical components.

SiC module funding project
Together with a national consortium, we carried out research on a motor-integrated inverter that combines the p² Pack embedding solution with silicon carbide semiconductors from January 2018 to December 2020.

KoRRund funding project
Together with project partners, an innovative radar system will be developed in the KoRRund funding project to enable the entire vehicle environment to be recognised and monitored in real time. Compliant radar sensors have been realised using modified FR4 Flex technology. In addition, SCHWEIZER embedding technology is being tested in an HF (RF) application. Through the direct embedding of radar MMICs into a PCB, the signal path to the antenna is significantly shortened, minimising signal loss. Furthermore, the system increases reliability and offers a potential reduction in total system costs.



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