The PCB for your requirements: With Schweizer's technology pallet.

Whether your circuits are simple multilayer or complex HDI circuits. Whether your application is a high-current or radar application. Whether you want a simple OSP or a high-grade ENEPIG/ENEPAG surface finish: SCHWEIZER has the right solution to your problem. As one of the pioneers of radar applications in cars, we're now revolutionising electrical drive trains with our p² Pack technology. Our experts will be glad to provide you with advice and our project team will help you from the initial idea to high-volume production.

Standard PCBs

More than just standard

In the area of standard PCBs, you will find PCBs such as simple multilayer structures up to complex HDI circuits that cannot be realized with conventional multilayer technology. For all these PCBs, additional impedance requirements can be met. 





Innovative PCB technologies

Solutions for high currents, high frequencies, high temperatures & miniaturisation

State-of-the-art PCB technologies enable high-end solutions for top requirements. The Inlay Board offers maximum heat dissipation and current load capacity. Radar PCBs record speeds, distances, and objects. And bendable FR4 Flex PCBs are ideal for really small installation spaces. Heavy copper PCBs with thicknesses of up to 400 μm enable a current of several hundred amps to be carried. And the Combi Board combines the functionality of multiple PCBs without plug connectors and cables.


Inlay Board


Bond (bare die) PCBs

RF 6-24 GHz

RF 77 GHz

Embedded Antenna

FR4 Flex

Heavy copper

Combi Board

Semi­conductor embedding & systems

Top power in the smallest possible space

Embedding solutions with integrated semiconductors enable extremely reliable high-performance modules with significantly improved switching behaviour and optimised cooling in comparison with SMT solutions. Our smart p² Pack embedding solutions also enable combination with the logic circuitry without additional connection elements.


p² Pack 48 V


Surface finishes and materials

The perfect basis & perfect finish for your PCB designs

PCB technologies from SCHWEIZER precisely meet your requirements when it comes to base materials, surface finishes, and solder masks. Chemical plating procedures such as ENIG and ENEPIG/ENEPAG or galvanic processes such as NiAu plating are used as surface finishes, for example.


Surface finishes

Solder mask