Ideal for controls, sensor monitoring & autonomous driving


The term "BD-HDI" (bare die/bond PCB) denotes a special variant of the HDI PCB. It is related to the term "COB PCB" ("chip on board"). This HDI PCB product group is designed for the special requirements of bare chip placement. The chip is glued directly onto the PCB and is electrically connected to the PCB via wire bonds.


  • Automatic gearbox electronics
  • Camera & video monitoring systems for autonomous driving
  • Sensor substrates (CPU, LiDAR, video etc.)
  • LED applications
  • Chip-on-board (COB) substrates
  • Control, automotive, satellite, and microsystems technology


  • Reduction in system costs
  • Power parts for bridge circuits can be combined with logic areas on a single PCB
  • Cycle resistance of 2,000 cycles at -40/+165°C
  • HDI lay-ups from 4 stack ups
  • Mixed assembly with glueing, soldering, and wire bonding
  • All wire bonding methods are possible (Al thick and thin wire, Au ball-wedge, Au wedge-wedge, and Au ball-stitch-on-ball)

Special features

  • Low, medium, and high Tg-resistant base materials can be used
  • Halogen-free and low-halogen base material can be used for special applications
  • Impedance requirements are taken into account in the stack up construction
  • Surface finish for aluminium wire bonds – ENIG – and for gold wire bonds – ENEPIG/ENEPAG
  • Own packaging materials (antistatic/dissipative trays) possible
  • Compliance with high cleanliness requirements

Design rules


Here you will find current information about our design rules and our PCB standards.

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