RF antennas with really low tolerance of antenna dimension


With RF antennas from SCHWEIZER in Embedded Antenna technology, tolerance of antenna dimensions, rounding at the edges, and roughness can be kept to a minimum.

The Embedded Antenna technology is a further development of the 77 GHz technology. The pattern on the RF layer is embedded into the RF material. This allows fabrication with lower track widths and conductor spacing as well as minimised tolerance of antenna dimensions and rounding at the edges. The exact reproduction of the antenna layout increases the RF performance of the PCB and reduces the power dissipation.


  • Like for RF technology (e.g. distance measurements)
  • Impedance PCBs with low tolerances


  • Improved RF performance
  • Conductor geometry precisely matches the layout design; conductor tolerances and rounding at the edges are significantly lower than for conventional 77 GHz technology
  • Track widths/conductor spacing of around 50 µm possible

Special features

  • Really low sensitivity of antenna layer due to embedded PCB structures
  • OSP surface finish
  • All possible via types can be realised in the FR4 part (blind vias, stacked vias, staggered vias, skipped vias, buried vias)

Similarly to 77 GHz technology, asymmetric hybrid lay-ups are usually realised in the case of Embedded Antenna technology. FR4 layers can be designed in different lay-ups, as is the case for HDI PCBs.

Design rules


Here you will find current information about our design rules and our PCB standards.

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