For applications with continuous currents of more than 200 A.


Higher currents require tailored copper profiles in PCBs. Because installation space is always limited, the Z-axis must be utilised. With inner layer copper thicknesses of up to 400 µm, applications with continuous currents of more than 200 A are possible.


  • Inner layer Cu thicknesses of 105 µm, 210 µm, or 400 µm depending on current load
  • Variable outer layer Cu thicknesses of 50 µm – 240 µm
  • Complex high-current structures possible
  • Up to 4 x 400 µm Cu per PCB possible
  • Many years of series production experience with 400 µm Cu on inner layers


  • Transducers
  • Power supply
  • Power distributors
  • Motor control
  • DC link
  • Planar transformers

Special features

  • Basic structure can be combined with other lay-up variants
  • Thermally optimised solutions possible

Design rules


Here you will find current information about our design rules and our PCB standards.

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