Apprenticeships and studying with Schweizer

Apprenticeships, integrated degrees, work experience & dissertation places

The optimal starting position for your successful start to your career - the perfect combination of theory and practise

You are interested in an apprenticeship or study profession and would like to get to know it better as part of a student internship with us?

The holiday season is coming up and you would like to supplement your pocket money with a holiday job?

You have got your school-leaving certificate (soon) and would like to start your career at a modern, innovative company with an apprenticeship or a dual study program?

You have already acquired theoretical knowledge as a student and would like to apply it in practice as part of a compulsory internship or a thesis and at the same time gain valuable professional experience?

Whatever your starting point, we can offer diverse and exciting work and a training team that's eager to get to know you.

Voca­tional Training

Vocational Training

Have you successfully finished your schooling or are you about to sit your final exams? If so, now's the time to start your future career at SCHWEIZER! We'll be happy to help and support you. You'll be able to play an active part at our company. We'll recognise your potential, offer the space you need to develop, and provide you with targeted support for your professional growth.

At SCHWEIZER, future-oriented, diverse training awaits you. Right from the start, you'll take on responsibility in projects. Space to be creative and take responsibility is a central aspect of how we train new talent. Take a look at one of the exciting projects of our new talent and see for yourself.

Apprenticeship offer: (only in German language)

Mechatronics engineer (m/f/nb)

Machine and plant operator (m/f/nb)

Surface coater (m/f/nb)

Warehouse logistics experts (m/f/nb)

Industrial clerk (m/f/nb)

Integrated Degrees

Integrated degrees

An apprenticeship or a degree? It's a question that many school leavers ask themselves. SCHWEIZER offers integrated degrees that combine vocational training with a university degree. This allows you to optimally combine theory and practice over the course of six semesters.

Integrated degrees: (only in German language)

Major in Business Administration and Industry (BA)

At present, the following apprentice­ships are available: (only in German language)



School internship for career exploration:

A pupils internship is the best way to find your dream job. Here you can get first-hand information about our job profiles, the practical world of work and the required qualifications. And you will get an insight into all aspects of training at Schweizer.

We offer internships both during school time, as part of a mandatory pupils internship, and during the school holidays. You will be supported by our trainers, trainees and experienced employees from the respective specialist departments.

The pupils internship should last at least one to a maximum of two weeks. If you are interested? 

Study internship for practical application:

In both business and technical areas, SCHWEIZER can offer you exciting opportunities for applying your theoretical knowledge in practice and acquiring more know-how. You'll be actively integrated into the company and given the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of processes – ideal conditions for starting your career.

If you have good to really good school results, like working in a team, and are motivated, we look forward to receiving your application. To take part in the work experience scheme for university students at our company, you must be enrolled at a university. Apply for an internship right here.



SCHWEIZER provides you with the opportunity to pursue a specific practical project in an academic framework. We're keen to hear suggestions as to the topic. Once we've agreed upon the topic with you and your university, it's time to get started! You'll be working on an exciting project where you'll gather valuable practical experience at the same time as acquiring knowledge.

Thinking about an industrial PhD thesis? Please feel free to contact us, and we'll see how we might be able to help.