A Value Proposition you can measure us by

Our mission statement describes the framework for our strategy and action. It aims to illustrate our understanding of ourselves and excite interest about our company. In addition, it aims to demonstrate the values and themes that form the pillars of our success.


We are a global „best-in-class“ technology company. Our products preserve resources for the future of our children.

We are a leading manufacturer of premium PCBs and a recognised manufacturer of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services.


It is our mission to contribute to the success of our customers - and in doing so achieve success ourselves! Our customers’ goals, their trust and the pleasure we derive from continually expanding the limits of what is possible, are the drivers of our success.

In order to achieve this, we apply our wealth of experience, stateof-the-art technology, production methods and processes, as well as our expert knowledge of our target markets.

We focus on attractive and promising business opportunities. Trading as a family-run business with a long tradition, we are geared towards sustainable, long-term success. Our employees are at the heart of this success.


The values we stand for and which determine everything we do are: Quality, speed, creativity, openness. These build the foundation connecting our past, present and future.

Quality and environmental awareness

We commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of our performance, which includes the quality of products and services as well as environmental protection and energy management. Relevant, compliance obligation resulting from our activities are just as indispensable foundations of our actions as the compliance with laws and regulations.

For us, environmental protection includes, among other things, the areas of reducing environmental pollution, improving energy consumption as well as the continuous improvement of processes and their safety. We are cooperating with authorities and the public in all matters of environmental protection and incident management.

We stand for highest quality and care in all areas. Thus, we also work on reducing our rejects (zero defect target) in order to offer our customers the best possible quality. With this attitude, we remain viable for the future and are well positioned to face forthcoming challenges.



Guiding principles that define how we act and are based on our values:

We are


The most successful technology company is determined by the customer. To succeed, we must first win the hearts of our customers. We respond to our customers’ needs.

Creatively successful

Our innovative products and developments set benchmarks. As a leader in quality, we offer products, services and consulting of the highest distinction. In doing so, we are economically successful, in turn enabling us to be a long-term, stable partner for our customers, guarantee job security to our employees and generate an appropriate return for our shareholders.

Globally aligned

We are a global business with a global vision. We have put in place global strategies and achieved hard-earned scale. We must apply and leverage these in order to win against our global competition.

To do so requires global teamwork and discipline. Close cooperation within our group and with our partners is the best way to succeed. We utilise different backgrounds in experience and culture, whilst acknowledging that ”tensions“ may arise. This is as it should be because we believe that businesses need different viewpoints to cultivate conviction and purpose.


We believe in the value of teams and in diversity within those teams. We cherish individuality in the pursuit of the team goal. We believe that creativity and individual contribution can and must flourish for us to succeed.

Competent and cooperative

Our employees are qualified, motivated, committed and full of ideas. They build the basis of an organisation with specialised teams and flat hierarchies. How we interact with each other is based on openness, honesty, trust and mutual respect. Our leaders and employees bring our beliefs to life.

Fun and welcoming

We like working with our colleagues and we trust them to deliver. They are smart, keen to make a good contribution and fun to be with. They are what makes SCHWEIZER so special. We are a welcoming and hospitable organisation. We support other areas just as we support our customers. We want people to enjoy their experience with us. People feel at home here.

Fit for competition

Our competitors are powerful and determined. We value our organisational familiarity and family-feel, yet recognise that this should make us no less determined or demanding of ourselves. To lead the industry will take more than thought leadership and scale. We must be fit for the fight ahead; quick and agile. We must each take ownership for our actions.

Consciously responsible

We act responsibly and with transparency. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We take comfort and pride in knowing that we do the right thing and behave in the right way. We accept the extra time and effort this demands.