A Value Proposition you can measure us by

Our mission statement describes the framework for our strategy and action. It aims to illustrate our understanding of ourselves and excite interest about our company. In addition, it aims to demonstrate the values and themes that form the pillars of our success.


We're a global "best-in-class" technology company. Our products protect resources for the future of our children.
We're a leading manufacturer of quality PCBs and a recognised producer of energy-saving, environmentally friendly products and services.


Our mission is to make our customers – and consequently ourselves – successful! The goals of our customers, their trust in us, and our enjoyment as we repeatedly expand the limits of what is possible are what drive our success.

We use our many years of experience, state-of-the-art technologies, production methods and procedures, and excellent know-how of our target markets to achieve this.

We focus on appealing, promising business opportunities. Our actions as a family company with a long tradition are targeted towards sustainable, long-term success. Our employees form the basis for this success.


The following values mean a lot to us, and define our behaviour: Quality, speed, creativity, and openness. They form the foundation for our past, present, and future.

Quality and environmental awareness

We're committed to reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, continuously improving our services, and contributing to the protection of the environment. We strive to reduce pollution through recycling, and we try to protect our environment.
Naturally, we observe all applicable laws and regulations, but we also work closely and transparently with both the authorities and the public in order to achieve and communicate our environmental goals.

Like complying with applicable legislation and regulations, we believe that meeting the binding obligations that arise from our activity is an indispensable part of our business. That's why we work openly with the authorities and public when it comes to environmental matters.

We believe in top quality and the utmost care in all areas. We've also set ourselves zero fault tolerance as a goal, and work continuously to become better and better. This helps to reduce the amount of scrap we produce at the same time as offering our customers the best possible quality. This attitude and approach keep us fit for the future and mean that we're optimally positioned for challenges that may arise.

Guiding principles that define how we act and are based on our values:

We are


It's the customer who decides which technology company is most successful. If we want to win, we have to win over the customers. And that's why we consistently focus on the needs and requirements of our customers. We adapt to our customers' needs.

Creatively successful

Our innovative products and developments set standards. As quality leaders, we offer products, services, and consulting at a high level. We're economically successful so that we can remain a stable partner for our customers in the long term as well as ensuring job security for our employees and yielding adequate profit for our shareholders.

Global in our outlook

We're a global company with a global vision. We develop global strategies and rely upon targeted growth in order to survive among the global competition. This requires global cohesion and consistent action. Close cooperation within the Group and with our partners is key here. Moreover, we benefit from the different experiences and cultural backgrounds of the individual companies. Extensive knowledge exchange helps us to develop new visions and better achieve specific goals.


We believe in the value of the team and in diversity within the team. We appreciate the role of individuality in achieving team objectives. We know that creativity and the contribution of individuals have a major influence on whether we're sustainably successful.

Competent and cooperative

Our employees are qualified, motivated, full of ideas, and dedicated. They form the basis of an organisation that has specialised teams and flat hierarchies. Our work together is based on openness, honesty, trust, and mutual respect. Our managers and employees put our beliefs into practice.

Friendly and welcoming

We enjoy working with our colleagues and trust in their performance. They're intelligent and eager to play their part, and it's fun being around them. They are what makes SCHWEIZER so special. We're a welcoming and hospitable organisation. We help other divisions just like we help our customers. And we want people to enjoy their experiences with us. Here, people feel at home.

Fit for competition

Our competitors are powerful and determined. We appreciate the friendly atmosphere of familiarity that prevails at our company, and this makes us even more determined and ambitious. To lead the sector, it takes more than pioneers and size alone. We're agile, quick, and fit for the competition ahead of us. And we take responsibility for our actions.

Consciously responsible

We act responsibly and transparently. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It brings us satisfaction and a sense of pride to know that we're doing the right thing and behaving in the right way. We're happy to put the effort in to achieve this.