Flexible solder masks and functional coatings applied in a casting, spraying, or screen printing process. There are protective coatings, marking lacquers, and functional coatings for PCBs.


  • Flexible solder masks with various properties such as protection, electrical insulation, and marking in different colours
  • Functional lacquers such as plugging and drawing lacquer, silver paste, resistive inks, and thermal pastes


  • Protection of conductor tracks from corrosion, electrical insulation, and mechanical damage
  • Closing of via holes
  • Fabrication of defined resistances
  • Marking as per customer requirements, e.g. for assembly

Special features

  • Solder mask and legend print available in various colours
  • Highly temperature resistant lacquers
  • Complete closing (overplating) of via holes and blind vias
  • Application of removable protective lacquers in accordance with customer specifications

T4 [standard] [green]

  • Photo-sensitive/photoimageable
  • Application of 26-100 µm layer thicknesses

PSR 4000 [green]

  • Photo-sensitive/photoimageable
  • Application of 26-100 µm layer thicknesses

SD 2447 XM [black]

  • Photo-sensitive/photoimageable
  • Application of 10-60 µm layer thicknesses

Screen printing

Various solder masks [white, black, red, blue]

  • Photo-sensitive/photoimageable

Marking lacquers [yellow, white, black, blue, red]

Silver and carbon print

  • Fabrication of abrasion-resistant contact and slider surfaces
  • Application of defined resistances

Plugging print

  • Closing (overplating) of via holes and blind vias

Flexible lacquers

  • Coverage of flexible conductor tracks in FR4 flex technology

Thermal pastes

  • Improvement in thermal management on PCB

Design rules


Here you will find current information about our design rules and our PCB standards.